Evaluations, Consultations, and Direct Services for Language Delays

Children with language delays fall behind peers in using words and sentences (expressive language). They may have trouble with vocabulary development, putting words or sentences together, or using correct grammar. Children with expressive language delays may use excessive gibberish and often have difficulty clearly expressing themselves.  Their communication skills may seem like that of a much younger child. In addition to expressive communication, children may also have difficulty following directions, answering questions, or understanding what is being said (receptive language). Children with language delays may have difficulty with just talking or talking and understanding.

If a child continues to have difficulty with language at approximately 4 - 5 years of age, it is unlikely that they will outgrow their language delay. At this age a diagnosis of a language disorder may be able to be reliably made. A language disorder indicates that a child will likely continue to experience some difficulty with language throughout their lives, particularly with more complex and academic language.  If there is no known cause for a language disorder (e.g. prematurity, hearing loss, autism) the label Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is appropriate. DLD is a hidden but common condition that affects 2 children in every classroom. 

Having a language disorder does not mean that the child is not smart. Many children with language disorders have average intelligence and show strengths in many other areas, including visual and motor skills. However, children with language disorders are more likely to receive additional diagnoses of ADHD, learning disability, and dyslexia. The good news is that with the right supports and intervention children with language disorders can thrive and have successful academic, personal, and professional lives.

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Other Services We Offer

Latitude offers evaluations, consultations, and direct services in English, Russian, and Spanish.

Language Development for Ages 0-8

  • Increasing intentional communication and first words
  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Following directions and understanding
  • Using phrases and sentences
  • Supporting communication through sign-language and Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Supporting play development

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Speech Sound Production for Ages 0 to Adults

  • Difficulty using a variety of sounds in speech
  • Errors on select sounds, such as "S", "L", and "R"
  • Difficulty coordinating sounds in speech
  • Difficulty speaking clearly & being understood

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Flexible Speech Therapy Solutions

With our innovative and evidenced-based methods, we strive to provide you with the highest quality personalized care that you deserve. We offer a combination of flexible options to fit your family’s busy schedule.

In Home Speech Services

Currently available for those located in the North Shore of Massachusetts:
Mobile speech therapy services conveniently provided in home, daycare, or school settings. This approach works best for direct therapy with toddlers and preschoolers, and older clients who need hands on help with placement for speech production
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Hybrid Speech Therapy Services

The perfect mix for geographically distant clients who prefer online services and benefit from in-person check-ins.

A hybrid approach is recommended for clients who generally do well with online therapy but need periodic hands-on guidance for articulatory placement.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Eva M.
Latitude Speech Therapy has been such a wonderful fit for my ten year old daughter. Dianna Brenner-Miller has truly transformed the way my daughter views her articulation disorder. Dianna’s warmth, enthusiasm, encouragement and creative approach has given her the tools to believe in herself and has given her newfound confidence and strengthened her overall self-esteem. My husband and I are amazed by all of her progress over the past 6 months of working with Diana and have certainly recognized significant improvements in her speech. Diana gives wonderful feedback and communication and she is always flexible and understanding. We feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed and look forward to seeing our daughters continued growth and progress with Diana!
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Simply stated, you will be hard-pressed to find another speech therapist with more knowledge, patience, compassion, empathy and respect for both you and your child. Our 12-year old son has been receiving speech therapy since the age of 2. We found Diana after an exhaustive search because we knew our son was not progressing in a timely fashion with his old speech therapist. In just six months she has brought out a new side of him. Diana works hard, going above and beyond to find ways to have him engage in the sessions and to connect with her instructions. He is much more confident, and his "R" sound is really coming together. Progress is Power and Diana Rocks! You will be so happy you read this review and then chose to work with her.
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Steve A.
Diana is a superb multi-lingual speech pathologist and consummate professional who has provided speech therapy in Russian to our son since he was a young toddler diagnosed with a speech disability. Diana is extremely bright, knowledgeable, up to date with current bilingual and other research studies, and Diana is very talented, insightful and caring. During Covid and when we are out of state, Diana offers remote sessions, she is able to keep our son engaged and focused despite his attention deficits and impulsivity, she provides play-homework that is specific for his needs and development, and Diana is very accommodating when we have schedule conflicts. Diana also has been very responsive and a great support and advocate to help our son qualify for IEP and other school programs, and her services have been invaluable to help prepare our son for his very successful Kindergarten experience. We cannot recommend Diana highly enough, and we feel blessed and very fortunate that we found Diana to help enrich our son’s life and empower his critical early development, and for his continuing successful development in the coming years.
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